My Life in Hell

Actually, there is a comic strip that is printed in the New Times called Life In Hell, and I have loved said comic strip for many years, before the Simpsons hit television. Not sure if he’s still doing it, but then I haven’t picked up a New Times in a while.

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So, what is my Hell this week? Hmm… how exactly to say this…

I discovered recently, by means in which we will not disclose, that the incident which began my descent into unemployment (namely, the whole “client did not want me as her mentor” thing) was a complete fabrication on the client’s part. Yes, that’s right, a teenager lied… Oh. My. God. It was in response to the client feeling too attached to me. Understandable. I’m a likable gal. However, during the incident I discussed in my last previous-employment-related post, I felt it was necessary to see what my trainee could do with the situation, you know, since it was directed entirely at her. I have never had a child talk to me in that way. We discussed what should be done, and decided as a team that the trainee should talk to the client about what happened. I stayed close, just in case, because I would never leave a co-worker hanging, and especially one who is new to the job. Behavioral health is a tricky business, and you never know what’s going to happen next, especially when working with at-risk teens. Now, in my second-to-last supervision, my supervisor brought up the incident, which I mentioned before. I also mentioned previously that I asked him if he read the notes I wrote on the event, and that he said he hadn’t. Idiot.

Ah yes, the beginning of my descent into Hell — I am unemployed partly because a teenager lied about the fact that she never really wanted me as her official mentor in the first place, all because she became too attached to me, and she severs relationships when that happens so she doesn’t get hurt.

What do I have to say about that?

I KNEW IT! I knew it was a lie when it hit my damn ears.

Sounds to me like some good life skills need to happen here. And now I can’t work with her on it.

The other part of my unemployment lies within my employers’ ineptitude.

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