By the way…

I have a new tattoo…

Nuthin’ like some Shakespeare on the side of your neck! And before you ask: no, it really didn’t hurt all that much. I am not kidding. You should try it. =p

The reason: I am writing an article on literary influences in tattoos and will be interviewing my tattoo artist, Wookie, and I just decided that I wanted one, too. As for the reason it is on my neck: well, I just couldn’t think of where else to place the damn thing. The article will appear in the March 2009 edition of Forever Nocturne e-zine. If you know Shakespeare, you’ll understand why.

I almost forgot: Big Daddy’s birthday surprise was some detail work on one of his many tattoos, and surprised he was! Yay me!

2 thoughts on “By the way…”

  1. I don’t know if I am more tickled that your tattoo artist’s name is Wookie… or that you have Puck’s words on your neck.At any rate, you just went up even higher in my cool-o-meter!


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