Something Old, Something New

For the past couple of days, I’ve had the overwhelming urge to work on a fantasy story that I haven’t touched in two years, but hey, it’s the only thing speaking to me right now, so we’ll just go with it while I await Siobhan’s edit of Dusk of Death. I mean, I have to write something, otherwise I’d go mad. This might explain a few things over the last couple of months. Or not.

Big Daddy’s birthday is on Sunday, and I’m working on a nice little surprise for him. He doesn’t read the blog, or follow me on Twitter, or have an account on Myspace or Facebook, so I’m good.

Siobhan’s birthday is the following Wednesday! She’s an awesome writer, but she needs to update her blog more often. =p

Also going to visit my tattoo artist, Wookie, this week to deliver him a new copy of The Vampyre Prophecy. He can’t seem to find his. He works at Club Tattoo in Tempe, AZ. Seriously one of the best tattoo artists in town! One of my friends, the Flight Attendant, had her copy stolen from the plane between flights. Wow!

And I’m still working on some new designs for kindread clothing, but I’ll save that for the kindread blog.

Have a wonderful and productive day!

1 thought on “Something Old, Something New”

  1. *taking a bow* Why thank you, ma’am. But I barely have time to wipe my nose, let alone write in my blog! LOLAnd how apropos–my word verification (captcha) is “brati”. Why yes, I AM bratty!!


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