Panda Gone Wrong

OK, so we all know by now that I was fired (miserable expletives) a month ago, and if you have looked at my other blog, you also know that my husband and I have started up our screenprinting business Phenix Ink once again with an edition called kindread clothing. The first design from kindread clothing will make its appearance at The Bollox show on the 21st here in the Metro Phoenix area, with the help of The Boneyard, whose shirts we are printing, and I am very excited about it. It’s Big Daddy’s idea, but my artwork, which I need to finish before the shirts arrive next week. Hey, I’ve had a lot on my plate lately, what with being fired due to a pinched sciatic nerve, and trying to get better from that, as well as finishing my final paper for my Multicultural Lit. class (I FINISHED), not to mention editing Dusk of Death and Wolf’s Bane: Moon Cycles (yes, still). I took a little scenic trip through reality television during the last two months, as you may have noticed, and now I’m back. Yes, that’s right, the Bitch is back! And the Bitch is writing once again. Unfortunately, the Bitch is also smoking again, but this is how I look at it: smoking or losing my sanity. Hmm, no brainer there. However, I am exercising everyday (doctor’s orders) and I will attempt to keep the smoking to a minimum until the exercising takes it over completely. Yes, that can happen. I’ve done it before. The trick is not to stop the exercising.

Financially, we’re surviving and we’re putting whatever we can into our business, which is why it is so very important to see what I have listed on eBay and BUY it. It may be possible quite soon that I’ll have some Prada wallets up, but I’m just watching and waiting for now. I’ll let you know if it happens. Maybe I’ll find some Manolo Blahniks for CJ real cheap. =) What size do you wear, chica?

So, I have all of this going on and two days ago, Umi (my mother) and I were running errands and I just didn’t feel like eating leftovers again, so I went to Panda Express, and then we got Umi some Taco Bell. I know, not the best type of food to eat, but at least I had steamed rice and orange chicken… and a fortune cookie! You know what that means. Oh yes, you do. So today’s (or really Tuesday’s) fortune is “You will discover an unexpected treasure”. I certainly hope this fortune did not mean the food poisoning I received from eating the orange chicken! Yep, you read that correctly–food poisoning. God, I felt horrible the rest of the night and I will never eat Panda Express again! It really does beg the question, but I dare not allow it past my lips because you don’t EVER ask the Universe questions that you really don’t want answered.

So, there you have it: Panda Gone Wrong.

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