Ouch! That Freakin’ Hurt!

A little update for y’all, my few followers. =p

1) My doctors may have finally figured out what the hell is wrong with me. Apparently, the left side of my pelvis is tilted back. WTF? I didn’t know that was possible, but OK. I’m going in for x-rays tomorrow/today (since it’s 3:30am) on the lumbar/left hip region. Cool. Let’s figure this shiz out so I can be more productive outside of sleeping and on the verge of vomiting every freakin’ day. I also received acupuncture in various places (like the full damn treatment or something), and acupressure on my right shoulder and neck. Finally, someone has figured out what’s going on with my shoulder. I’m 39-years-old. It’s only taken 31 freakin’ years! And I got an adjustment. Oh damn, that freakin’ hurt, but it was a good hurt. This doctor has been so wonderful that I’m going to add a link to all of my websites for him, but first I must make him a nice banner. It’ll be up soon and you should check him out if you’re in the Valley of the Sun. He’s a Naturopathic doctor.

2) Still working on new designs for kindread clothing, and recruited my extremely talented artist uncle who now lives in Tornado Alley. The man is insane. The Boneyard has been asked to have a booth up at the Bollox’s CD release party the end of November. I’ve been told to get some shiz together so they can take it to sell. OK! Workin’ on it!

3) I have 3 essays and a research paper to write by Friday the 24th. I’m so screwed… And I always say that. =)

4) My friend Dylan (the filmmaker) asked me tonight to join a writer’s group with him and his friend. I enthusiastically agreed to do so! HELLS YES! It’s a great motivational and inspirational tool. Damn straight I’m down for that. They’re both working on a movie set right now driving stars around. Wish I wasn’t an invalid at the moment. Damn it!

5) My husband (Big Daddy) still has a job as of right now, but that could change at any moment. The more I analyze what happened to me, the more I realize that my (expletive) boss reacted on impulse. Heartless bastard should be ashamed of himself. *shrugs* Oh well, Karma is a nasty bitch, and she will definitely be paying him a visit. (cue maniacal laughter) I forgot to mention in my previous blog that I never had a verbal or written warning at that place. Nope, no write-ups. During supervisions, I was told I was doing just fine. Hmm…

6) I really want to work on a book, so I may postpone classes this term. Which one do I want to work on? ALL OF THEM, but that might not be possible, so I’ll choose the one with the drama and controversial stuff in it because that shiz sells like crazy. I watch reality TV. This story is so all that.

7) I have stuff up for sale on eBay. GO LOOK! (My eBay) More will be up soon. I have A LOT of stuff!

8) Ok, I really need to turn on the laptop and write at least one stupid essay. I mean, for the love of God, it only needs to be 1 to 2 pages. LMAO That’ll take like 30 minutes tops.

9) Oh, who am I kidding? I won’t be writing anything at 3am–aside from blogs–because I’m drugged up on pain killers and muscle relaxers (and they’re kicking in) and I’m going to bed.

Night all. =D