Palin-Our Possible Future VP

The BBC lists 10 things they learnt about Sarah Palin. Check it out.

I think this is my favorite line: “The Associated Press reports that the church is promoting a conference that promises to convert gays into heterosexuals through the power of prayer.”

Seriously? LMFAO! Um, hate to break it to ya folks, but I don’t think it’s possible to “convert” people into something they’re not. Many have tried over the years and it just doesn’t work. Why can’t people just accept the fact that whatever God they believe in made people the way they are? God made me a six foot Italian goddess who can kick your ass into oblivion. Deal with it.

And directly following the “power of prayer” statement that had me falling off my damn chair, was this one: “As hunters sometimes do, Mrs Palin has incurred the wrath of wildlife-lovers. It’s not just that she shoots moose and caribou, she has also backed legislation to encourage the aerial hunting of wolves, as a “predator control” measure. Plus, she has opposed the US government’s listing of a variety of animals as endangered, including the polar bear and the beluga whale. Unlike Mr McCain and to the horror of many environmentalists, she actively supports drilling for oil in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge.” This is why I don’t like the woman.

I think it’s wonderful that a woman is in a position to be Vice President of the United States (and even President, considering McCain’s age). However, the fact that she is a woman is not a good enough reason to vote for that camp. The fact that she is a “hockey-mom” or a “hunter” are not good enough reasons to vote in that direction. I do not condemn hunters who do not hunt merely for sport. I have no issues with them and their hunting. I’ve been married to a hunter and I know the ethics true hunters have. I’m not saying that Mrs. Palin is or isn’t a true hunter. What I am saying is this: The fact that she backed that legislation to encourage the aerial hunting of wolves is the very reason I won’t be voting for a Republican this year. Science is the issue when it comes to that legislation, and science had nothing to do with it. It was masked as “predator control,” but science was not taken into consideration when that legislation was put into play. Alaska’s legislature has found a loophole in the AHA (Airborne Hunting Act) and they are exploiting the hell out of it. Here’s a little snippet from my Aerial Hunting article: In 1972, Congress passed the federal Airborne Hunting Act (AHA) to ban hunters from using airplanes to hunt wolves or other wildlife. This Act came about when a brutal scene was put on display depicting a wolf hunt, which began a national public outcry. Alaska, however, has found a loophole in the Act, and has made wide use of it. They feigned it as “wildlife management,” allowing hunters to take to the air time and again to engage in the ruthless slaughter of wolves and black and brown bears. Alaska’s voters have twice attempted to stop aerial hunting, but the Alaska Legislature has overturned their efforts each time. Aerial hunting is prohibited by Federal law, according to the AHA, but Alaska still continues to practice it for the purpose of falsely increasing particular game populations to bring in hunters from all regions of the nation. The targeted region covers 60,000 square miles of wolf population, plus 12,000 square miles of bear population.

I hope that’s enough food for thought because I have to get going. I have a supervision today.