Several Things…

I) My mom is in the hospital again, so I’m a bit flustered after sitting in the lobby for six hours and I really want a cigarette, but otherwise she’s fine and staying overnight due to dehydration, and I’m fine, sans cigarette. It’s 2:30am and I’m waiting for a phone call from the hospital. I’ve only been home for an hour.

II) Went and saw Babylon A.D. today with a client and was severely disappointed with the ending. The film is good, lots of action, good storyline (what you can follow), and well hell, it stars the über sexy Vin Diesel (whom my husband hates because I think he’s hot), but at the end I was questioning exactly how much got cut and left on the cutting room floor. I said to my client, “Something’s missing.” Apparently, I was correct because my husband later told me that the director is extremely agitated with the producers about the film and how much was cut for the U.S. audiences—notice how that says U.S. audiences—WTF? Why does every freakin’ thing get censored here? Honestly! Anyway, now I’d like to see the uncut version of this film so I can actually see the ENTIRE freakin’ story, and oh, I don’t know, maybe so the ending will make freakin’ sense! Here’s a Twitch report I think you’ll find interesting. I can’t believe they did this!

III) The Swivet has a link up about vanity presses on Lynn Price’s blog. Good information, I’ll admit. Vanity presses are a bad idea, but as someone pointed out in the comments section, don’t mistake using a vanity press with someone who self-publishes. There’s a world of difference there, and I would know, and so does Lynn Price. Vanity Presses want to charge you tons of money. POD is different. Go read the blog, but be sure to read the first few comments, too.

IV) The 3-Day Novel contest was a blast to experience and I will be doing a repeat next year (hopefully sans cigarettes—I quit right after the contest ended). I actually did complete a novel, but the title will be withheld for political reasons (if you’ve known me over the last two years, you would understand this wording). Winners will be announced in January, so I must wait until then to inform you of my idea, but it doesn’t mean I can’t work on it in a separate file—hehehe. I think I’ll participate in NaNoWriMo this year. Hells yes!

V) My murderous tendencies are going away with the headaches and lots of ibuprofen. Everyone in my household has yet to die by my hand… but the week isn’t over yet.

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