Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet… We’re Hunting Agents

Ok, seriously, I have spent the last few hours compiling a list of agents into my Excel spreadsheet, and then taking those from that list and adding them and all their precious little info to another list I’ve created in Excel to keep track of those I’ve queried and what I’ve queried them about, to include their responses, if any, etc., etc. Make sense? Ok, good. Yes, I know, I’m anal. Now, here’s my issue: MORE AGENTS NEED TO ACCEPT EMAIL QUERIES! Only 25 of the agents I’ve pulled accept email queries! That’s out of 39 for those pulled in the genre I’m looking at (horror), and those that are seeking new clients (according to, and a good majority of them prefer SNAIL MAIL. Honestly, did you hear the forest fall? Watch out for that tree! I haven’t even looked at other agent-finding sites yet. Ugh. I dread the thought of stumbling upon misinformation. Nor have I looked at most of their websites yet to be certain that AgentQuery has the info correct. Ugh again. Crap, I just realized that I’ve added their emails but not their websites to the Excel spreadsheet. Back to work.

Ok, I’m done venting… for now.

UPDATE: Ooh, QueryTracker is cool! Why didn’t I notice this before? Sio, you need to check this out! The only downside to this is that you have to be a Premium member in order to list more than one manuscript, which costs $25/year.


4 thoughts on “Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet… We’re Hunting Agents

  1. I keep an .xls similar to what you described (I am also in the query phase).Anyway, what I do for the agent web sites is to just keep a file for them in my browser bookmarks, and I just keep the agent email only in the spreadsheet. Especially after some months go by, the spreadsheet is a handy thing, esp. if you want to do things like go back to an agency and query a different agent–you need to know when and who you queried, and with what.


  2. Thanks for commenting, anon. Yes, I have a file in my browser as well. The multiple agents at one agency is the reason I started the .xls file in the first place.


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