Things That Go Bump… Or Break… In the Night

Why is it that things always seem to happen to me in the middle of the night just as I am going to bed? Well, actually, it’s early morning, but who’s checking? First, it was the scraping noise in the wastebasket. Now, for the last three nights, I have had to fix the blasted toilet because the chain keeps coming undone! Just what I wanted to do; stick my hands in the tank and try to reattach the chain in minimal light, as my bathroom has a dimmer. Honestly, can’t a girl just have everything work peachy? And what good is a man in the house when it ends up being me to fix it? It’s 3am, sometimes even 4am. I want to sleep at this point. Alas, no, it is inevitable that something must be fixed, put away, cleaned up, or set outside to come back and haunt me once again in the middle of the night. No, I haven’t seen or heard the creature again, but wait, it’ll happen. Just when I am least expecting it… BAM! I will, however, give my husband credit for carrying the thing out so I didn’t have to deal with it in my nakedness.

Even now, as I sit here in my Sanctuary swatting at the little bugs that come with the sneezing season of spring and trying desperately to breathe, I know that something will need to be put away or cleaned up before I go to bed. I know this because my husband is out and about with friends and will come home eventually to make a mess of the kitchen I just cleaned. He likes his midnight snacks. I should probably put away dinner soon, so it doesn’t go bad. And yet, here I sit tapping away gaily at my keyboard, chatting with my dearest friends. At one point, three conversations simultaneously, two of which held several conversations on their own. I kid you not. It’s amazing I could keep track of it all.

Alas, all is quiet and peaceful in my garden Sanctuary with my Alaskan Malamute, Moon (the not-so-mute malamute), sleeping soundly in the grass; as well as in my home, save for the snoring sounds of my Argentinean Mastiff, Leonidas… but not for long, I am certain. I find myself wondering what it will be tonight. A new creature, perhaps, or maybe the sink will spontaneously combust. Not too long ago, my foster daughter crawled out of bed and came out to ask if it was okay that the light on her smoke detector was blinking. She has been in my house for more than a year, and she just now notices it. I must laugh, as dear as she is, she is clueless to most things and rarely notices much of anything.

Ah well, I will light another cigarette and work on Dusk of Death for now. Maybe, just maybe, I can get another chapter written before having to write my cause and effect essay, which is due tomorrow at midnight.

Only four hours to go….