Creative Non-Fiction

Can I just say that I absolutely despise writing this type of story? Really. I had to write a creative non-fic story/essay/whatever tonight that’s due tomorrow night. I decided to write about my trip to L.A. in November, where I met James Shaffer of KORN on the way to Santa Monica Pier, and before the L.A. Music Awards show. Scratch that, it was the F.A.M.E. Awards, where some friends were playing who won a couple of awards. Actually, they won awards from both, but only played at the one show. Anyway, I hate writing Creative Non-Fiction. At least, at the moment I do. =p *sigh* Maybe someday I can get back to finishing my novel Dusk of Death. I’d like to get it done and edited before summer hits. I only have a few chapters left!

I’m going to see what I can get done tonight, but I don’t think the muse is talkin’. Damn…