The Gallbladder of Doom

…may be coming for you.

In early 2010, right after I’d moved down to Tucson and in with my friend Heather a.k.a. Kitty, the Gallbladder of Doom struck her a month after it’d struck her sister CJ Redwine, and for two months, I took care of her. Since then, the Gallbladder of Doom has come for many of my friends, it seems.

Now it has reared its ugly head yet again.

Snap 2015-07-01 at 17.29.59On June 8, 2015—five days before my birthday—Umi called me before noon crying because she was in a lot of pain. And I know it was a lot of pain because she called me at work crying and telling me to come home. I panicked a little, but for the most part kept calm. I think I surprised my co-workers by how calm I was. It’s perfectly normal for me to be the rock for everyone else in my family. That’s the way it’s always been, so panic is not an option. Now, when it comes to my mother, I will tend to “lose it,” but only when she’s either not in my line of sight or when it’s not imperative that I get to her in one piece….like on June 8, 2015. I needed to drive 11 miles from work to my home so that I could assess the situation and get her ass to the ER, which took some persuasion, by the way.

Snap 2015-07-01 at 14.34.33Once I got her to the ER, they got her back there quickly. Umi already has COPD and is on blood thinners because she had a pulmonary embolism several years ago, so they decided 10 hours later and after a CT Scan, an ultrasound, and the HIDA scan, that they wanted to do the surgery the next morning. They finally admitted her to the hospital. When the time came for her surgery the next morning, her INR was 4.1, which is incredibly high and she would bleed out if they did the surgery. So we had to wait another day. By Wednesday, her INR was down to 1.5, an Snap 2015-07-01 at 14.35.20acceptable level for the surgery. The surgeon told me her gallbladder was very infected and he took care of the hernia while in there. Meanwhile, they’re all surprised by her attitude because she’s cracking everyone up and not acting like she’s in pain at all. But that’s Umi. Ever the joker, always willing to make others laugh, makes friends everywhere she goes. She hides her pain well.

I’d always thought that my ability to mask my pain was due to my being a Gemini, but it’s apparent to me now that I’ve inherited it from my mother. And her Taurusian stubbornness.

Here’s basically a rundown of what happened while at the hospital all week…

Snap 2015-07-01 at 14.35.51 Snap 2015-07-01 at 14.36.12

Snap 2015-07-01 at 14.36.48 Snap 2015-07-01 at 14.38.02

Snap 2015-07-01 at 14.38.23 Snap 2015-07-01 at 14.38.49

Snap 2015-07-01 at 14.39.08 Snap 2015-07-01 at 14.39.23

Snap 2015-07-01 at 14.39.47 Snap 2015-07-01 at 15.04.22

Snap 2015-07-01 at 15.04.44 Snap 2015-07-01 at 15.05.16

Snap 2015-07-01 at 15.05.39 Snap 2015-07-01 at 15.06.17

Snap 2015-07-01 at 15.06.47 Snap 2015-07-01 at 15.07.17

Snap 2015-07-01 at 15.09.06 Snap 2015-07-01 at 15.09.28

Snap 2015-07-01 at 15.44.44 Snap 2015-07-01 at 15.45.03

Snap 2015-07-01 at 15.46.48 Snap 2015-07-01 at 15.50.09

Snap 2015-07-01 at 15.49.26 Snap 2015-07-01 at 15.50.55Snap 2015-07-01 at 15.50.34 Snap 2015-07-01 at 15.51.14 

Snap 2015-07-01 at 15.51.35 Snap 2015-07-01 at 15.51.56

Snap 2015-07-01 at 15.53.53 Snap 2015-07-01 at 15.57.47

Snap 2015-07-01 at 14.31.30Due to the fact that her insurance had yet to activate, we need a little help with her medical bills. We’d appreciate any help at all. It’s been a pretty crazy month, but that’s another post altogether.



Adventures in Comiconland

…when I’m not actually working the event.


Phoenix Comicon was the last weekend in May this year and I had a blast, even though my body was basically all “fuck you” after walking for two days straight. Originally, I was only supposed to go for one day, but my friend Gary Wilson over at Nightstalker Press gave me an exhibitor pass for the next day. Queue him into the Awesome Friend VIP area (no, you can’t get in without a pass, damn it). At any rate, I walked in two days the equivalent of working three days wrangling Michael Rooker when I work for Juliette and ZSC Entertainment. Saturday alone I walked 10,000 steps. That’s more than I walk in one day with the Rooker. Wow.

But…I saw a lot of neat stuff and met a lot of awesome people, so instead of a big gigantic long-ass post, I’m adding pictures below. There’s not a lot of them, but I’m short on time these days (I’ll explain in another post).


10479421_889566227766715_4414259501424518914_n 11180634_889009684489036_3612187505593987426_n 11017555_890013261055345_8300848137168143477_n


There was a pink version of Pyramidhead walking around but I wasn’t able to grab a pic of her. And yes, I know I should have taken more pics, but I stood in lines most of Saturday.

Awesome Art by Dave Holtz

11390058_890023094387695_3634197449733421346_n 10420205_890023107721027_7390368937317303165_n
Ron Perlman AKA Hellboy (and several other characters but all I care about is Hellboy):

Second part of the photo op line for Ron

11009967_889175431139128_1395134463710843657_o (2)



David Morrissey AKA the Governor, who was extremely wonderful even though I went through his line four times (I swear I’m not a stalker):

David posing with his new Magdalena Peach Clothing Co. t-shirt



Jason Momoa *gasps*, who was also very polite and soft-spoken:



Katee Sackoff AKA Starbuck, whom I got to speak with for a good amount of time about our steps and apps for it:


Karl Urban, also very nice and might I point out how he signed the photo and exactly which photo from which movie it is and the quote is not:



I’d also like to point out that even though I work with celebrities once in a blue moon, when I walked up to their booths for the above moments, I felt like a complete fucking on-the-verge-of-babbling fangirling idiot. So if that’s how you feel when approaching these wonderful people, don’t feel so bad about it. I do it too. ;)

I also picked up these guys. They were just hanging around for a pretty decent price. Guardians don’t cost much, it seems. ;)


Now all I need is Drax, Nebula, Thanos, the Collector, full-sized Groot, and Ronan. Right? Who am I missing? I already have Yondu and Baby Groot.

And sometimes, after walking 10,000 goddamn steps in one day when you’re not used to it, you need to have a fucking drink and eat Mexican food.

10841990_889166724473332_1193956178749972560_o  11390109_889067857816552_7694037761450915012_n

*limps away with rum and coke*

Deep P.O.V. Part One—What IS It? How Do We DO It?

Jinxie G:

For those of you wondering why I pull what I do from your books when I edit them…it apparently has a name I knew nothing about. LOL I call it something else….

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:

Image via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of FromSandToGlass Image via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of FromSandToGlass

Writing is like anything else. The trends and fashions change along with the audience. For instance, Moby Dick spends an excruciatingly long time talking about whales, namely because the audience of the time probably had never seen one and never would. If we did this today? Sure, feel free to walk around in a literary gold-plated cod piece, but er…

Yes, awkward.

Epics were also very popular. Follow a character from the womb until death. FANTASTIC STUFF! Why? Because no one had HBO, Pinterest or Angry Birds. Books were a rare indulgence usually reserved for a handful of literate folks with the money or connections to get their hands on…a book.

Also, since writers were paid by the word, their works were padded more than a freshman term paper. Their motto? No modifier left behind. These days? We have to write leaner…

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You Might Be a Writer If…

Jinxie G:

I’m dying over here….

You might be a writer if….

Your desk is covered in Post-It notes, and your phone, tablet, and laptop have “NEW STORY IDEAS” notes in them.

Enjoy Kristen’s….

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 1.30.15 PM

A lot of “stuff” has been going on in my life lately. Hard stuff. Heavy stuff. The kind of stuff that just makes me want to write massacre scenes….except I am so brain dead I had to google how to spell “massacre.”

Masicker? Missucker?

WHAT AM I DOING???? *breaks down sobbing*

I am supposed to be an adult an expert okay, maybe functionally literate. Fine, I give up! I have nothing left to saaaaayyyyyy. I am all out of woooords *builds pillow fort*.

I figured it’s time for a bit of levity. Heck, I need a good laugh. How about you guys?

We writers are different *eye twitches* for sure, but the world would be SO boring without us. Am I the only person who watches Discovery ID and critiques the killers?

You are putting the body THERE? Do you just WANT to go to prison? Why did you STAB…

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Vegas, Baby

….and yes, I still have money in my pocket. Also? I know it’s been a while since I posted and that this happened like five weeks ago. What, I’m busy. Sue me. It’s the end of the school year and teachers are needy as hell. *grins*

Recently (sort of), I drove up to Las Vegas for the Wizard World Comicon to work with Juliette Terzieff and wrangle Michael Rooker again for a weekend, which I do not do often enough. Seriously. Working with them is always a blast of fun and craziness. Like the time Rooker tried to pimp out four of us in Cincinnati to the Kinko’s guys so we could get his photos printed faster (all in jest, of course). Or when he displayed how much room he had in the front seat of Juliette’s 4Runner and proceeded to take a photo of Noah Hathaway, Jimmy Duvall, Jack, and myself squished in the backseat. Or the time in Phoenix when the fire alarm went off during the convention and he had to literally pull me up the last few steps of the three flights of stairs so we could get topside. This was when I discovered just how out-of-shape I was and have been making changes ever since. Or like the time when, after walking a mile around the convention center after the fire alarm, he said he wanted to go back to the hotel and get a long island. Josh, his security detail, and I were totally down with that one. Three waters and three Long Island Iced Teas, please!

Vegas wasn’t much different with its own special brand of insanity.

I drove up there Thursday afternoon. I’d been told it would take four hours to get there. Four hours, my ass. Maybe if you live on the west side of Phoenix, but certainly not if you live on the east side. Hell, it takes 45-60 minutes just to get to that side of town!

Five and a half hours later, I arrived in Vegas. It’s still better than the six or so it used to take.

Whenever I’m going to be working with Rooker, I always pack my Skechers because 1) I know I’ll be walking miles and miles, and 2) I’ll be walking them at Rooker speed, which is equivalent to that of a freight train. Seriously, the man can move, and if you don’t move at his speed, you’ll get lost in the shuffle.

I did not, however, expect to walk the circumference of TWO malls while in Vegas. Holy shit. I’m surprised my legs didn’t fall off. Let’s just say that driving from Vegas to Phoenix when cramps are settling in your legs and your leg cramp pills are completely out of reach and you don’t want to pull over to look for them because it’s the middle of the night and you’re a woman driving down the highway by herself is not fun.

What I did NOT do while in Vegas was gamble much. Really. J and I hit the Riviera Thursday night and that was pretty much it. I actually don’t care for that casino; too smoky. Didn’t matter; I came home with more money than I’d arrived with, which was just fine by me. I also bought Umi a Las Vegas shirt. Pink. I didn’t want to get yelled at again for not bringing her anything from Vegas.

What, Mom? I’m not broke! That should mean something.

Friday Morning

For the first time, I got to be the one to escort the Rooker to his media spots just before the convention began, so I was up bright and early, called him to make sure he was awake and to give him his 15-minute warning, and then I ran downstairs to the hotel Starbucks that does not have Venti frappuccinos to grab us some coffee before the car arrived. I also needed to eat breakfast, which is not easy when you’re allergic to the world.

We drove to the radio station (KOMP) where he hit two morning shows (video on his website), and then we called another station in the car from my phone as we headed to the TV station (KNLV). I always do a selfie with him. Sometimes, they don’t turn out so great, like this one…


I have no idea what I’m looking at in this photo and Rooker’s eyes are missing, which he got a kick out of and did on purpose. After the TV station, we headed to the gun range, but first we had to find an Apple store. Guess what’s not open before 10am in Vegas? That’s right, fucking Apple. Why in the hell would you open so late on a Friday? I don’t care if it’s Vegas. The people who live there need their shit too, and sometimes before 10am.

Dear Apple,

I’m placing blame on you for the mall trek I had to later endure that day because your stupid store was closed.

Thanks not so much,


Since no one was open, we headed off to the gun range down the street.

The Range 702

I couldn’t remember the name of the place at first. That’s bad, isn’t it? Everything is like a whirlwind when I’m running with Rooker. I need to start writing all of this shit down, or at least doing voice notes. Thankfully, Juliette sent me an email with their address. Hello, Google, my old friend! Their VIP area was damn nice. It even had its own range. Now, this was an indoor range, so eye and ear protection were necessary because safety first and hell, we’re indoors. That shit is going to be LOUD.

0424151001 0424151002d 0424151005 0424151011a

0424151015cThe SRO there was pretty awesome!

I will say that damn, you need to wear a mask too if you’re shooting indoors because once they started firing, I couldn’t breathe, and I believe it was the precursor to what happened later with my throat.

After the gun range, we hit In-n-Out Burger because we were all hungry. Not one person noticed Rooker until we were walking out the front door and one of the cooks yelled “Merle!” Rooker paused, waved and yelled back, and we left. Prior to that happening, while we waited for our food, we overheard someone talking about the Comicon and they said Rooker’s name. We both turned around, but no one was looking at him or walking up to him for a handshake or photo. They were talking about him right next to him and never even saw him.

*laughs* Oh, people. You funny.

We headed back to the hotel, found an Apple store (inside a mall), and went there where I proceeded to walk a bah-jillion miles back and forth through this blasted place. We got him a new phone, the Ryans were awesome, as we geeked out together over everything from The Walking Dead to Star Trek to Star Wars to Marvel, and we went back to the hotel again. I spent the rest of the day/evening with Juliette and we went on a shopping spree from Target to Sprouts to the Skechers outlet store. Knowing myself all too well, I stayed out of the Skechers store.

A storm blew through during all of this and we both ended up with raspy voices the next day, and so did half the convention staff, it seemed.

At the Convention–Saturday

IMG_20150425_1015090425151019Bright and early Saturday morning was spent getting Rooker’s table ready for the long line of rabid fans, who are always so awesome. Seriously, we love you guys. But before all of that even started, one of my nails popped off and I’d hoped it wasn’t the precursor to the kind of day we might have. Luckily, it wasn’t, and since I couldn’t go through a convention with a missing nail, I wrapped a pirate Band-Aid around it!

Because my nail glue was at home and I didn’t have time to search for some.

Merle Dixon is a pretty popular character played by Rooker, but after this show, I think Yondu might have him beat. Star Lord and Drax stopped by to visit. Well, miniature versions of them, anyway. In fact, there were several little Star Lords coming by to visit their old buddy Yondu.

0425151520a0425151520I don’t know how well y’all know Rooker and his crazy antics, but on the way back from his photo op he decided he wanted to crash David Morrissey’s panel. We tip-toed backstage, where Rooker grabbed a ladder and just walked up onstage, in front of Morrissey, and proceeded to set up, climb, and pretend to change a lightbulb. Morrissey played right along, saying, “He’ll be done in just a minute.” They had a good laugh, he brought the ladder backstage again, and then we were off and running back to his booth, where a long line of fans awaited his return.

We had Jaze Cosplay come through both days…

Jaze MotU


Those fine folks are from Scottsdale, AZ!

Jaze Xena


I didn’t get the chance to find them at Phoenix Comicon over the weekend, but check out their Instagram because it is full of all kinds of awesomely goodness!

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Rooker’s panel was this day, and he decided that he’d jump off the stage and walk through the crowd to answer questions. His security detail seemed shocked and said, “Is he really going to do this?”

ME: Yes he is.

HIM and the OTHER GUY: Shit.

ME: *laughs* Rooker does what Rooker wants.

0425151605 0425151606c 0425151612 0425151607a

And then he met with this lovely young lady from the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

0425151635b 0425151636

Fun times!

Before dinner, this was pretty much me….

0425151759 IMG_20150426_153720

I was basically exhausted. Also before dinner, I had him sign a couple of things for me that should keep me in “Cool Aunt” status for years. *grins*

This weekend I hunted down Khal Drogo, the Governor, Judge Dredd, Starbuck, and Hellboy for autographs at Phoenix Comicon. After 16K steps over the two days, I’m exhausted yet again. Post forthcoming….


Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

…or as it’s commonly called, the Game of Thrones episode that has everyone freaking the fuck out over nothing. Really, it’s fucking nothing.

Most people are good about not throwing spoilers into the cyber winds, and then you have those few idiots who can’t keep their goddamn mouths shut for more than a few minutes after the episode ends. Hell, some even spout out the shit during the episode. I throw reactions into the wind, but that is all. I give no indication of what is happening to whom or the like. Personally, I hate spoilers and usually try to stay away from the interwebz after certain shows air until I have a chance to watch the current episode. The Walking Dead is one of those shows. Games of Thrones is sort of one of those shows because I apparently can’t trust y’all’s fucking opinions on this show anymore.Spoilers

All I’ve seen for the past few days is people going off about the latest episode of a TV show about kings and queens and war and white walkers and incest and arranged marriages and rape and assassins and dragons….you know, the normal things that make up a harsh realistic world like the one George R.R. Martin has created that isn’t so unlike our own past history.

My reaction at the closing of “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” AKA S506?

337451-thumbnailOkay, seriously, what the fuck are people freaking out over in this last Game of Thrones​? That scene was mild compared to other similar scenes. M-I-L-D. They didn’t show anything. Not a damn thing. Jesus Christ, you should be more upset over the Jaime/Cersei scene because *that* one was wrong on so many levels and really, its own shock-filled conversation. But I still watched it, and it didn’t upset me. Because it’s fiction. Fiction that portrays a reality that yes, existed (and still does in some regions) in our really real world once upon a time. You can’t exactly ignore aspects of life that upset you and that you don’t agree with. It doesn’t make them not exist. Besides, how the fuck do you expect to change anything horrific in the world we live in if you live in that little glass bell and shield yourself from the horrific? Guess what, Tinkerbell? You can’t. Because you don’t understand it.

And you have to understand it, or at least be aware of its existence, in order to change it. To make it stop. And that is extremely important. Because. It. Must. Stop.

This ain’t Cinderella riding off with her prince, bitches. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong. I’m saying it’s a show based off a book written by an amazingly talented author who understands exactly how a world like that works. You want Cinderella? Go watch Disney. But it’s season 5 now. If you haven’t figured out by now there are no happy endings in GRRM’s world, then you are in for a world of hurt and heartache, my friend.

But I hope you keep watching it, and I hope the shock-value teaches you something because it’s good that it shocked you. It truly is. It means there’s some sort of moral code written in your DNA, or really, you fucking learned something in life and that would be the difference between right and wrong. Good on ya!

Yes, it sucks that rape exists in the show. And yes, it sucks that rape exists in our reality. But let me tell you two things about this: 1) you can’t ignore it. It doesn’t just vanish when you turn your back to it, kind of like abuse. When you sweep it under the rug, it doesn’t go away. It festers like a disease. And 2) if we can’t learn from our history, then all hope is lost and we are doomed to continually repeat ourselves and our past mistakes. I mean, fuck, take a look around. What do you see?

I won’t even begin to tell you what I see because we all know how I feel about humanity. But let’s discuss the writing….

I love horror movies and stories, but I can’t write them to save my life because even though I can see and feel and delve into the madness of that mind of a killer or what have you, I cannot put it to paper. Maybe in my mind, it makes it real if I write it down. I want to change it, make it better, lighter, not so full of ugliness and hatred because my brain screams “THERE’S ENOUGH OF THAT IN THE REALLY REAL WORLD!” Rape/molestation scenes are difficult to write as well because those touch a nerve that never should have been aggravated. We all have different experiences with these things, and different emotions and reactions to them. The end of S506 was a mere few minutes of conjecture and leaving everything to your imagination combined with what we already know of Ramsey, including what he did to Theon. That is all. Your shock stems from a history of knowledge and experience…of what you know of Ramsey, of humanity’s past, of what your mind visualizes, and maybe even personal experience on some level. And I hate to tell you this, but that’s some damn fine writing and directing if you’re that shocked over a scene you never really watched.

On a side note, I hope someone butterflies that little motherfucker wide open.

Also? Fuck weddings in Winterfell. They’re dark and dreary and morbid…. Come to think of it, it reminds me of the Addams Family. Never mind. But honestly, if anything, that wedding scene should have told you what was coming. That was a death. Brilliant, that.

UPDATE: I’m adding this link on the History of Rape. Yes, it’s a Wiki page, but it’s referenced to hell and back. Really, I could add SO MUCH MORE in the links arena, but let’s face it, you likely won’t click on them. Fucking Google shit.

As someone who enjoys studying Anthropology as a hobby, and well, being an Observer by nature and design, I think it’s extremely important to understand our history and know that while writers do elaborate on truth or fact in their fiction, or make things up entirely (*gasp*), sometimes fact is fact, and you just can’t argue with it. I’d also like to point out that while rape has been illegal (for the most part but with varying degrees) throughout history (YAY humanity), and emperors and kings despised it, it doesn’t mean it didn’t fucking happen. For all we know, rape is illegal in Westeros, but hey, it’s fucking happening.

There is a rape scene in one of my books that I’ve planned on removing for some time now because it’s always made me uncomfortable. In another book of mine, such a scene was cut before the second publication. Why? Because I don’t ever want someone to think this action is okay. Bride abductions, which is a very common theme in some romance novels, are wrong. I’ve complained about it online. My first thought is a movie I first saw as a kid titled Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. That movie is the epitome of bride abduction, which is defined in that link.

At any rate, I’ve been ranting about this all day, so I’m going to stop before my mouth gets me in trouble. Conversation today was basically….

ME: Rant rant rant rape rant rant…*phone rings*…rant rant rape. Motherfuckers. *answers phone* Help desk, this is “Jinxie.” How may I help you?
GUY3: *laughs*
GUY2: Oh my God, “Jinxie.”
OTHERGAL: *cackles*

PS: Please understand that in my statement of dropping the MF-bomb, no one in the call center was on the phone….thank the fucking gods.

Baking Powder Bread

Jinxie G:

I may need to try this recipe, with a few modifications for my allergic-to-the-entire-world diet, of course.

Originally posted on Bite From the Past:

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In my journey of bread making, I came across a recipe that I’m dying to share with you for a number of reasons. It’s a really simple recipe-and it contains no yeast. Because it has no yeast, it takes less preparation time-great for working moms! And it contains a potato-which just sounds fun to say. Actually, I learned from research, and from making this recipe, that replacing a portion of the flour in your bread with potatoes can result in a softer and moister loaf. Who knew?

The recipe comes from the New Dr. Price Cookbook, published in 1921 by the Royal Baking Powder company-which explains why there is so much baking powder in the recipe! Baking powder, of course, serves as the leavening agent and while the amount may seem large, it really does work. Here’s the recipe

• 4 cups flour
• 1 teaspoon salt
• 1…

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